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About Us

Beartooth Holding and Construction (BHC) is pleased to present our Statement of Qualifications for providing professional general contracting services for your project.  Enclosed you will find our Statement of Qualifications outlining our expertise, philosophy and approach to the project.  We also have included key employee qualifications that highlight our company and expertise in the industry.

We believe that the construction of a successful project requires the services of a carefully selected team of experienced professionals.  At BHC we have assembled a cohesive team of construction experts with the requisite skills and experience to successfully build your project safely, on time, and within budget.

We look forward to discussing how we can work together to make your project a successful reality.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 406.839.7661 or e-mail at


Company Information

Beartooth Holding & Construction (BHC) is a Construction Management Company built on reputation, experience, and training with a backbone of honesty and integrity. 

At BHC, the words partnership, quality and integrity best describe how we operate our business.  We partner with owners, architects, engineers and other consultants to create not only quality structures, but also quality relationships.  We work hard to be an integral team player, dealing with team members with integrity and giving your project the quality attention it deserves.  To meet this challenge, BHC delivers a broad range of construction services tailored to meet your unique requirements.

We provide construction project related services to both public and private sector clients in a timely, cost effective and innovative manner while providing quality and responsive service by a qualified and experienced staff. 



Founded in 1995, BHC provides residential, commercial and industrial Construction Management services in the Mountain States.  We explore the latest methodology and technology in the development and execution of our client’s projects.  We are continually seeking out the best professionals to build lasting partnerships.  We recognize that successful projects are a result of the efforts of all members of the project team.  BHC’s ability to work together as a team with Owners, Architects, Engineers and Subcontractors, while maintaining budgets and schedules, is why clients and communities continue to trust our services.

The mission of Beartooth Holding & Construction is to provide the highest quality construction management services to all Project Shareholders.  We want to help them be successful and to achieve their goals related to the project in an ethical, creative, and cost-efficient manner.  We do this by applying effective construction management and sustainable construction techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project from inception to completion. 


Our philosophy is to be the client’s advocate during the project.  We combine knowledge, experience, judgment and leadership with a commitment to excellence to provide the highest quality services possible.  We do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied.  We understand how important a satisfied client is to the future growth and sustainability of our organization.  Nothing is more important.  We know it, and we show it by giving our best performance every day.


BHC can provide a wide array of contracting services tailored to your specific needs.  As a construction manager, BHC receives drawings and provides competitive pricing for your project, strictly complying with your plans and specifications.  Because it is our policy to provide the highest quality project, regardless of delivery method, we make recommendations and provide alternates for consideration when feasible and appropriate.

We work with only the most competent subcontractors, whose qualifications and corporate stability have been thoroughly vetted.  As a top contractor in the Mountain States, we have in-depth knowledge of market conditions, subcontractor strengths and weaknesses and past subcontractor performance.
We carefully screen and invite only proven firms to participate in the bidding process.  Upon receipt of each bid, we review the subcontractor’s submission to ensure accuracy and thoroughness. This, combined certainty that schedules can be met, is used to determine final subcontractor selection.  All subcontracts are held by BHC directly, and we assume responsibility for the performance of the subcontractors.

When it’s time for shovels in the ground, BHC provides comprehensive construction services. BHC coordinates, manages, and supervises construction activities to ensure that the project is 

complete, safe, and properly built in strict accordance with the contract documents.  Through the use of subcontractors, suppliers and our own professional forces, we provide the necessary labor, materials, tools, equipment, temporary utilities and facilities to complete construction of the project.

The following represents the construction phase services typically provided to our clients:


•    Coordinate project mobilization 
•    Supervise all field subcontractors and trades 
•    Coordinate subcontractor coordination meetings 
•    Participate in client progress review meetings 
•    Monitor and update the project schedule throughout the construction phase 
•    Enforce site-specific safety program  
•    Provide project administration services including cost accounting and document control 
•    Implement quality control and safety programs 
•    Review and approve all progress payments  
•    Conduct quality control inspections and prepare final punchlist 
•    Assemble equipment operations manuals and assist in client training 
•    Secure and transmit record documentation including equipment warranties and guarantees to the client 
•    Expedite project close-out and participate in commissioning activities 
•    Coordinate client move-in and building occupancy

Beartooth Holding and Construction is proud of its established reputation, which is based on efficient project management, technical expertise, and knowledge of the construction industry.  These features are reflected in BHC’s success at maintaining long-term client relationships. We look forward exceeding your expectations.






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